Modern Starter (2)

A modern starter home priced for a couple with one small pet (photos and download link below). #NOCC

This starter home spans different levels. Downstairs features an open plan living area with a study desk, a kitchen with island seating and a bathroom. One level up you will find a bedroom with access to a rooftop patio on the next level. A single garage completes this lot.

Download it here. Please enable the following before placing the build, in order for build/buy objects to display correctly: #MOO #Debug #ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement (for career items). The build also makes use of #ResizeObjects #LevitateObjects

Click on the photos to enlarge / view the slideshow.

The apples in the basket on the kitchen island are from the debug menu and don't transfer through the gallery. To place them access the debug menu, search for "Apple" and use the object with 3 apples. Place two and rotate them to fit the basket.

Exterior (front)

Patio (top level)

Exterior (back)

Plumbob Pet Hotel

The Plumbob Pet Hotel offers various pet services including luxury accommodation, daycare, training and grooming. Our caring staff are trained to deal with different breeds and temperaments and will look after your pets as if they are their own. We offer emergency medical care at our mini vet clinic. #NoCC

Our luxury pet suites are furnished and decorated to resemble the comforts your pets are used to at home, and each suite has a small enclosed garden. Suites are equipped with thermostats for temperature control to ensure maximum comfort for your pet. Suites are also equipped with cameras with a live feed to your mobile device so that you can check in with your pets at any time.

Pets enjoy daily supervised play sessions in the communal pet gardens to meet their exercise and socialisation needs. Pets have access to private shaded areas with comfortable beds to take an afternoon nap or if they want time out from the busy play area.

We take special care t…